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At CrossFit Luminary we are leaders in the field of CrossFit as well as in living a healthy balanced lifestyle outside of the gym. Working out with us is like a challenging team sports practice with all of your friends. We strive to apply what we’ve learned over the course our combined lifetimes to provide our clients with a unique training experience that emphasizes functionality, safety, community support, and the excitement of intense workouts.



Private Training - Whether you're new to training at our gym, struggling with a particular skill or mobility limitation, or you simply prefer an individualized training experience, working privately with one of our knowledgeable coaches will give you an incomparable edge in your athletic development. Our prices are competitive to the industry standard but our training far exceeds it. Don't subject yourself to unnecessary risk by watching YouTube videos and trying to figure it out alone or jumping into a functional fitness class when you're not totally confident in your ability. 

Strength & Conditioning Program -Using the latest methods in traditional strength & conditioning methodology this program is periodized annually, undulated daily, and structured around the major strength building compound barbell movements. This is combined with hypertrophic accessory work and relatively low impact conditioning. The very existence of muscle burns more fat and calories than doing endurance monocyclic cardio due to raising the body’s resting metabolic rate. This functional program is a systematic and slightly lower velocity approach to burning fat and building the lean muscle look that everyone wants. 



CrossFit This program is carefully designed to provide maximum stimulation while remaining suitable for everyday participation by a broad range of athletic abilities. Using a wide array of exercises, the CrossFit program consists of constantly varied daily workouts that will challenge athletes and stimulate adaptation to the various muscle groups and metabolic pathways in a functional capacity that can be applied to real life outside the gym. Whether you are training for a triathlon, mixed-martial arts bout, or just want to stay one step ahead of your kids, the CrossFit Program will provide real world strength and conditioning benefits that will impact your life in ways you never thought possible. 

Open Gym - As part of an Unlimited Membership Package, athletes will be granted full access to the gym and equipment to use for their individual interests during scheduled open gym hours. Practice specific skills, conduct soft tissue maintenance and stretching, or sweat through an additional workout. Punch Card holders will use a punch for Open Gym. Please note this service is subject to availability & secondary to the needs of regularly scheduled classes. 


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