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At CrossFit Luminary we are leading the way towards a new paradigm of fitness in Grand Rapids. Our training  is a combination of what Strength & Conditioning used to be and what we believe the future of athletic training should be. We are the first and only CrossFit Affiliate in West Michigan to combine classically proven training practices with CrossFit and modern biomechanical movement studies. We are honored to provide our clients with challenging, yet real world applicable workouts and mobility solutions. One membership plan provides our members access to our unique style of CrossFit along with our own Original Strength & Conditioning Program all in one state of the art facility.





Beginner's Course - If you're interested in joining our CrossFit Program, or just in need of refreshing your skills then the Beginner’s Course was made for you. During this 2 hour seminar style course, Athletes will be exposed to foundational barbell and gymnastic movements in this beginner oriented course.
The Beginner Class is every Saturday morning from 9:30am - 11:30am. Bring comfortable clothes, a water bottle, and a towel if need be. Make sure to be well fed and hydrated prior to class and bring a snack if you need it. If the Beginner Course does not suit your schedule or you'd prefer a private beginner class experience you may contact us to schedule private training at your convenience for an additional charge.


Strength & Conditioning Program -Using the latest methods in traditional strength & conditioning methodology this program is periodized annually, undulated daily, and structured around the major strength building compound barbell movements. This is combined with hypertrophic accessory work and relatively low impact conditioning. The very existence of muscle burns more fat and calories than doing endurance monocyclic cardio due to raising the body’s resting metabolic rate. This functional program is a systematic and slightly lower velocity approach to burning fat and building the lean muscle look that everyone wants. Completion of the beginner’s course is required prior to participation.

Private Training - Whether you're new to training, struggling with a particular skill or mobility limitation, or you simply prefer an individualized training experience, working privately with one of our knowledgeable coaches will give you an incomparable edge in your athletic development. Don't subject yourself to unnecessary risk by watching YouTube videos and trying to figure it out alone.


CrossFit Upon completion of the Beginner’s Strength & Conditioning Course athletes may participate in the CrossFit Program. This program is carefully designed to provide maximum stimulation while remaining suitable for everyday participation by a broad range of athletic abilities. Using a wide array of exercises, the CrossFit program consists of constantly varied daily workouts that will challenge athletes and stimulate adaptation to the various muscle groups and metabolic pathways in a functional capacity that can be applied to real life outside the gym. Whether you are training for a triathlon, mixed-martial arts bout, or just want to stay one step ahead of your kids, the CrossFit Program will provide real world strength and conditioning benefits that will impact your life in ways you never thought possible. 

CrossFit L.I.T.E. 8 Week Program-For many of us just beginning our fitness journeys the notion of intense athletic training with technical weightlifting can be quite intimidating. That’s why we created The CrossFit Luminary Intermediate Training Experience, or L.I.T.E. Program. This program is in many ways exactly how it sounds. A lighter intensity version of our unique style of CrossFit training. Just like any real CrossFit program the training of the day will be constantly varied with full body functional movements performed at relative intensity for short intervals of time. CrossFit philosophy teaches us that functional human movement needs vary by degree but not by kind. The Luminary L.I.T.E. 8 week Program will accomplish the goal of achieving functional fitness by way of less complex movements that are more suitable to novice athletes. The CrossFIt L.I.T.E. Program restarts every 8 weeks and is a great on-ramping process for those who eventually want to participate in our CrossFit program or a tremendously effective method in and of itself for building neuromuscular motor control, stimulating new muscle growth, and burning unnecessary fat. Since it’s a Luminary strength & conditioning product you can bet it’s anything but the typical cardio boot camp nonsense.

Open Gym - As part of the Unlimited Membership Package, athletes will be granted full access to the gym and equipment to use for their individual interests during scheduled open gym hours. Practice specific skills, conduct soft tissue maintenance and stretching, or sweat through an additional workout. Punch Card holders will use a punch for Open Gym. Please note this service is subject to availability & secondary to the needs of regularly scheduled classes. 


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